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Cohesive and Timeless Branding with Modern Web Design

“There are no shortcuts on the quest for perfection.”

-Ben Hogan

Cherokee Golf Club | Cedartown, GA

Case Study

01. Backstory

When Good Roman Marketing was approached to assist with this exciting project, Cherokee Golf Club was in the midst of a grand renewal. They were not only creating their core brand, they were also hard at work  with extreme renovations on the main property. The goal was to usher them in to a fresh beginning while honoring their core traditions and values.

02. Where We Started

Never having had a formal brand or logo design, we started cultivating this foundation first so that the web aesthetic would flow naturally. We made it easy for potential new members to reach out with dedicated contact forms and added rich pictures that highlighted their vast grounds and amenities.

03. Success

Today Cherokee is thriving. They have since exceeded their goal of new members since the start of our project.

Cherokee Golf Club:

Web, Branding, SEO

Web Development

A sleek, branded web experience that feels like Cherokee even before members visit in person.

Logo Design

A design that embodies the brand, looks clean on apparel, and stands out against competitors.

Brand Colors

Timeless and clean, with a hint of luxury. Colors that feel welcoming, calm, and warm.


Armed with meta descriptions, keywords, headings, and more. Findability is crucial on the web.

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