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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Did you know that email marketing has the highest return on investment in terms of digital marketing?

Email marketing can help increase engagement with your audience and also help keep your brand on your audience's mind longer than other platforms. Whether you offer products or services, we believe strategic email campaigns should definitely be added to your own marketing strategy. 


We can help create, manage, and maintain your uniquely branded email marketing campaigns.

This is our process:


We want to know your goals. What is driving the need for your email marketing campaign? We can help determine which type of campaign will benefit your business, the tone it should be written in, and all the other factors to determine the execution.



Next, we will determine how to collect your audience’s email addresses and help you select a strategy for growing your email lists..


We’ll help set up your campaign platform (platform will be determined by your specific company needs), connect it to your website properly, and import your current contacts. Then, we'll start the designing the outline and get your approval.



We’ll present you and your team with a drafted email marketing strategy for 1 quarter.  

We can also present you with further price options for us to assist you in executing this strategy from start to finish. We can function as a consultant for your company, or a team member that executes all of your email marketing.

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